Arlington TX Dog Poop Clean Up Service

Get ready for an Arlington TX dog poop clean up service that will go to battle for you. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we are waging an endless war on pet waste than infests and damages yards, lawns and properties.

The soldiers behind our pet waste removal in Arlington are a team of highly trained men and women who know the science behind pet waste removal (Yes! There is a science to it). Our staff will diligently serve you and help you take care of this chore while keeping your hands clean.

We are masters of the dirty work

We challenge you to look for any other dog poop clean up service in Arlington TX and see how it stacks up to Scoop Soldiers. We believe we have a great thing going here, and a long list of satisfied clients would most definitely agree.

Through our Arlington TX dog poop clean up service, we have been able to help many homeowners. Also, we are a huge help to property owners who want to create a dog-friendly environment for everyone who comes and goes. Plus, our rates are affordable — they start at just $9.99 per visit.

Dog poop is serious business

It’s easy to joke about how pet waste cleanup can be a “crappy job,” but we take it incredibly seriously. We want to provide Arlington pet waste removal that completely clears your property of these annoying piles of poop and also shelters you and your pets from the germs, bacteria and foul smell that can accompany them.

This passion for pet waste removal in Arlington leads us to do a thorough job, leaving no piles behind, which is a welcomed sign for our clients.

Let us show you why our Arlington TX dog poop clean up service is so valuable. Scheduling your service is easy and fast.