Bedford TX Pet Waste Clean Up

The best in Bedford TX pet waste clean up is right here at Poops Troops. Our crews are ready to tackle your lawns and properties, clearing them of waste left behind by dogs. Contact our staff for a quote on our thorough and reliable service!

Dog poop is bad news

Our pooper scooper company in Bedford was founded in 2010 after our founders noticed the hazards and issues caused by pet waste that was left to fester. There is no mystery about the fact that dog poop is loaded with germs and bacteria.

Our pet waste clean up in Bedford eliminates these hazards. If left untouched, dog poop can create a number of problems.

  • In addition to harboring germs and bacteria, dog poop also attracts pests that carry diseases. These include ticks, fleas and flies and they just as dangerous at the feces itself, if not more.
  • Our Bedford TX pet waste clean up service lets you maintain a great looking property. Dog poop is unsightly on its own, but can also cause your grass to brown and die.
  • Our Bedford TX pooper scooper company also knows of the environmental impact that dog poop can have. Germs and bacteria can mix with the ground water and create an issue.
  • We don’t have to tell you that dog poop can create quite the stench, too. This is a smell that can infiltrate neighboring properties, which can cause conflict. Our pooper scooper company in Bedford helps you avoid such tussles.

Trust Scoop Soldiers to go to battle for you

For a minimal investment, you can avoid all of these hazards with one, convenient service. Don’t you think it is worth it?

Scoop Soldiers delivers Bedford TX pet waste clean up in a customer-friendly fashion. Call in the troops and we will defend your yard or property!