Bedford TX Pooper Scooper

Ever wish a professional Bedford TX pooper scooper service would come by and clean up your lawn? Well, Scoop Soldiers, a pooper scooper company in Bedford TX, is here to make that dream a reality.

What we do:

The concept is pretty simple. You tell us how many dogs you have and how frequently you would like your lawn cleaned, and we give you a cost for our services. Once you agree to our affordable prices, we will begin cleaning your lawn as regularly as you choose.

We’ll work with you to determine the best day for our Bedford TX pooper scooper company to clean, and in most cases, do not need you to be present to complete your service. We will walk from one side of your lawn to the other, paying attention so we don’t miss even one pile of dog waste.

When we’re done, your lawn will be safe for anyone to walk through without fear of finding an unwanted present on the bottom of his or her shoe.

Why hire a professional Bedford TX pooper scooper service?

  • Time: This is likely the biggest factor for most of our customers. Long work hours and extracurricular activities leave barely any time for enjoying the family dog, much less picking up after it.
  • Safety: Scientists are just now discovering the dangerous hazards of dog waste. Allowing a professional pooper scooper service in Bedford TX to remove your pet waste keeps you and your family healthy.
  • Environmental factors: If dog waste is left too long, it can get washed into local waterways. Not only do these waterways supply our drinking water, but they also are delicate parts of our ecosystem. The professionals at our pooper scooper company in Bedford TX will explain that excess dog waste in water contributes to algae and endangers aquatic life and other wildlife that depend on the local ecosystem.

All pet ownership begins with good intentions. Don’t let a lack of time or fear of safety stop you from enjoying your dog. Call today to learn more about our Bedford TX pooper scooper service.