Carrollton Dog Poop Scooper

Scoop Soldiers and our Carrollton dog poop scooper service provides extensive protection from the hazards that come with pet waste. Making sure that dog poop is kept off of your property on a weekly basis is crucial in these efforts.

That’s exactly what our poop scooper company in Carrollton TX does. We provide our clients with regular visits (up to three times a week) where our technicians will go to work finding and removing the waste, and then hauling it away for disposal.

With this dog poop scooper service in Carrollton, we are able to provide needed protection for:

  • Your lawn: Dog poop poisons and kills grass — it does not fertilize it. With our Carrollton scooper service, you can avoid those bald and dead spots in your lawn that you often see on the properties of pet owners.
  • Your pets: Many diseases can be passed from dog to dog through feces. Our Carrollton dog poop scooper service limits your dog’s contact with waste so that they can avoid these health issues.
  • Your friends, family and visitors: Pet waste is equally as hazardous to people. While it might not threaten their lives, it can cause significant illnesses due to the germs and bacteria.

Scoop Soldiers stands on the front lines and does battle with pet waste so you don’t have to worry about any of this. Our poop scooper company in Carrollton TX has been dedicated to providing this important service since we opened for business in 2010.

See how affordable our service is — and how we maximize the value of your investment — by consulting with our Carrollton dog poop scooper service team. We can give you a free quote on your service and help you get everything scheduled. Thank you for considering Scoop Soldiers.