Dog poop can have a dramatic effect on your property, but with the right Dallas pooper scooper business, you can erase the problem signs that come with these grotesque messes.

Dog poop carries germs, bacteria, and diseases. In fact, many years ago, the EPA actually designated dog poop as an environmental pollutant. Do you really want to let this stuff sit on your lawn or property?

Of course not, which is why Scoop Soldiers offers visits from a pooper scooper in Dallas TX. This individual will find, remove and haul away the waste on your property. Our pooper scooper business in Dallas is dedicated to providing thorough service that protects you from the effects of dog poop.

What happens if I allow pet waste to accumulate on my lawn?

Our Dallas pooper scooper business team members have seen these scenarios, and they are not good.

  • Dog poop can hurt the appearance of your lawn. The waste contains chemicals that can kill your grass and shrubs, leaving behind bald or dead spots in your lawn.
  • Pests are also attracted to waste. This can include flies, maggots and even rats and mice. However, it can be remedied with a quick visit from a pooper scooper in Dallas TX.
  • Dog waste is also a threat to the environment, capable of infiltrating the local water supply and causing a health hazard throughout the community.

The list only goes on from there. As a trusted Dallas scooper business, we know the consequences of unattended pet waste, which is why we work so hard to remove it completely from the properties of our clients.

We can do the same for you. Contact the helpful team at our Dallas pooper scooper business and learn more about what Scoop Soldiers has to offer. We are ready to deploy to your property and do battle against pet waste!