Dallas TX Pet Waste Removal

So many pet lovers are thrilled to take home a new puppy until they have to start performing their own Dallas TX pet waste removal. Once Fido finally starts using the outdoors — instead of your best rug — as his restroom facility, you may notice that his little presents begin to accumulate fast.

Scoop Soldiers is a professional pooper scooper in Dallas TX specializing in both residential and commercial properties.


    • Few residential pet owners realize there are professional forms of pet waste removal in Dallas TX. Our customers are typically busy families who just can’t keep up with their four-legged friend’s landmines.
    • When we tackle a residential job, we do so thoroughly and regularly. There are many health hazards related to dog waste and it’s our job as professionals in Dallas TX pet waste removal to keep your family safe.
    • As we typically have multiple lawns to clean a day, we take precautions to keep your pet safe and healthy. We do this by sanitizing our tools and wearing necessary protection so that any doggy diseases aren’t passed from home to home.


      • Many clients in the area are hiring our professional Dallas TX pet waste clean up for their pet related businesses. Groomers, veterinarians and dog parks can quickly see quite a bit of waste build up during a business week. We’ll keep your facility clean and safe for each of your furry clients.

The hazards of pet waste

Few realize how harmful pet waste can be without a proper pooper scooper in Dallas TX.  Diseases such as hookworms, pinworms, roundworms and E. Coli (just to name a few) can infect the soil beneath waste long after the pile is gone.

The best way to keep your family safe is to regularly clean poop up, but no one has time for that these days. The best, most affordable solution is Pooper Troopers’ Dallas TX pet waste removal. Contact us today to learn about our pricing options and flexibility.