Grand Prairie Pet Waste Scooping

No one said owning a dog or managing a pet-friendly commercial property was easy, but with Grand Prairie pet waste removal by Scoop Soldiers, it actually can be a little easier.

One of the primary concerns with having a dog free in your yard or allowing pets on your commercial property is the mess they leave behind. Dog poop stinks, it can damage your grass and it’s filled with germs and bacteria.

With Scoop Soldiers, it won’t be around your property for long. We offer Grand Prairie pet waste scooping that removes it in a timely fashion. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and one-time service options to meet the various needs of our many clients.

During each service visit to deliver our pet waste removal in Grand Prairie, we:

  • Locate the poop throughout your lawn, landscape and hard surfaces
  • Remove them completely with our scooping tools
  • Bag up the messes and take them with us
  • Dispose of them at an offsite location

We do all this with our Grand Prairie pet waste removal while you focus on having fun and interacting with your dog — not cleaning up after it. Commercial property owners can also have the confidence knowing that, even though their land is pet-friendly, it is still completely clean and sanitary.

Leaders in Grand Prairie pet waste scooping

You’re simply not going to find another poop scooping company in Grand Prairie TX that is more thorough in their efforts or offers more affordable service than right here at Scoop Soldiers.

We seamlessly blend quality and affordability so that our clients benefit. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and best price guarantee on all service to back it up.

Make sure your dog’s messes are dealt with the right way with Grand Prairie pet waste removal by Scoop Soldiers. We are standing by to schedule your service.