There is no better way to ruin your property than by letting your dog’s poop take up permanent residence there, which is why Scoop Soldiers and our Grapevine TX dog poop removal services is so important.

If you are striving to maintain a clean, sanitary and beautiful property, then call our team in for poop removal services in Grapevine. We will remove the messes in a timely fashion, which helps preserve the look and health of your lawn or commercial property.

How dog poop ruins your lawn

Dog poop is essentially public enemy number one for a lawn. Scoop Soldiers was born out of a lawn care business, so we know the devastating effect that pet waste has on your property and how our dog poop removal services in Grapevine TX can save it

  • For starters, dog poop will kill your grass. It contains chemicals and bacteria — so it doesn’t fertilize your grass like manure does. Without our Grapevine TX dog poop removal services, your property might be riddled with dead or bald spots
  • Dog poop can also welcome all types of pests on your property. Not only do flies and maggots gravitate towards these messes, but mice and rats are also attracted to waste because of the undigested protein in it. Avoid this disastrous scenario with our poop removal services in Grapevine.
  • So, now you have a dead lawn with pests everywhere. Throw in a foul stench to the mix, too. Our Grapevine dog poop services can take measures to deodorize your property so that you are not left with a lingering odor.

You can’t maintain a nice looking lawn or property without addressing the pet waste on it. Our Grapevine TX dog poop removal services can do that for you — and at an affordable price. Get started with Scoop Soldiers.