Haltom City Pet Waste Scooping

Scoop Soldiers is a leader in Haltom City pet waste removal, providing a valuable service for a dedicated clientele of pet owners and commercial property managers.

Dog poop can quickly overrun your property if you aren’t careful enough. With our Haltom City pet waste scooping, you can have weekly service to make sure that it doesn’t have time to accumulate.

Scoop Soldiers offers pet waste removal in Haltom City that removes each and every pile of waste on your property. Our crews can drop by your home up to three times a week. So, whether you have one dog or multiple dogs, we have services to meet your needs.

Our poop scooping company in Haltom City TX will protect your property

Dog poop is a hazard for many reasons — from its ability to kill grass to the germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. With our Haltom City pet waste removal, we can help ensure that your lawn is:

  • Well kept: By removing the waste regularly, it won’t have time to kill your grass. Your lawn will be able to thrive and look great.
  • Sanitary: Our Haltom City pet waste scooping removes the harmful germs, bacteria, and diseases from your property so they can’t infect people or pets.
  • Useable: Nothing is more frustrating than enjoying time outside only to step in a pile of dog poop. With Scoop Soldiers, you can step with confidence knowing your lawn is clean.

These benefits are available for a minimal investment. You can consult our website for our current rates or speak with a member of our customer service team to get a custom quote.

Haltom City pet waste removal is now affordable and accessible to everyone thanks to Scoop Soldiers. Give us a call.