Highland Park TX Pet Waste Removal

Would it shock you to learn there is now a professional form of Highland Park TX pet waste removal just waiting to scoop your dog’s poop? It’s true. Scoop Soldiers is the leader in pet waste removal in Highland Park TX. It’s a dirty job, and we do it so you don’t have to.

Residential clients

Obviously, one of our biggest areas of business is residential pet waste removal in Highland Park. We live in a pet-friendly society and with those pets come small (or not-so-small) “deposits”. Stinky as they are, these piles may not seem very harmful until you examine them under a microscope.

Bacteria, parasitic worms and E. coli are just a few of the little nasty elements that can be found in pet waste. Hiring professional Highland Park TX pet waste removal service not only keeps your family safe, but it shows your neighbors you are serious about community safety and may even win over an anti-dog neighbor.

Commercial clients

Veterinarians, groomers and dog parks all see their fair share of doggy presents. High-volume businesses or mom-and-pop shops may not be able to keep up with the waste. We offer commercial Highland Park pet waste removal for such places as well as for dog friendly apartment complexes.

Pet-friendly facilities can bring in higher dollars than non-pet facilities. Keeping residents accountable for cleanup can be challenging at best. There is more money to be had when you work in the cost of our services to a resident’s rent payment.

Regardless of your individual situation, we have an affordable plan option for your pet waste removal in Highland Park TX.

Our attention to detail and speedy service are sure to impress you on our first visit. To learn more, or to start receiving our Highland Park TX pet waste removal services soon, contact us now.