For many pet owners, hiring a professional Highland Park TX pooper scooper service seems like a convenience they just can’t afford.

At Scoop Soldiers, we understand times are tough, and as a local pooper scooper company in Highland Park, we work to keep your lawn clean and your wallet happy. Having a clean lawn and still being able to enjoy your dog may be more affordable than you think.

The cost

  • The cost for our pooper scooper service in Highland Park varies. This is because we determine what you pay based on a variety of factors. For example, perhaps you want our recommended regular weekly cleanings. Or, maybe you prefer we only clean every two weeks.
  • We recommend the weekly service schedule for homes with more than one dog or a dog that is greater than 40 lbs. The difference in frequency schedules is just one factor. We also take into account the number of dogs you have as well as the size of your lawn.

The reward

Particularly if you have children, it is always a possibility that someone in your home will step in doo. The fear heightens when your child has multiple friends over and they all want to play in the back yard. Our Highland Park TX pooper scooper service will make sure that none of your children’s friends will leave with any unwanted surprises.

Additionally, the technicians at our Highland Park TX pooper scooper company will explain that regular cleanings are more than just a nice convenience. The harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that contaminate dog waste can eventually seep into the soil if left for too long. When your child plays in the back yard, he or she is especially vulnerable to diseases.

By allowing our pooper scooper company in Highland Park TX to clean your lawn, you are sending a message to your neighbors that you care about keeping your lawn clean. To get a quote on what your Highland Park TX pooper scooper services may cost, contact us today.