Hurst TX Pooper Scooper Service

Hiring a Hurst TX pooper scooper service maybe didn’t seem like an option in the past. True, the “do-it-yourself” attitude is a healthy one, but it shouldn’t stop you from hiring the services of a pooper scooper company in Hurst TX.

Scoop Soldiers is here to help you. We offer radically affordable dog waste removal with quality you can count on.

Is it really a big deal?

So many pet owners have misconceptions about dog waste. They believe that, since other animal waste is often used as fertilizer, dog waste surely must be no different.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. As a professional Hurst TX pooper scooper company, we know well the damaging effects of dog waste.

Common harmful effects:

  • Lawn health: Rather than fertilizing your lawn, dog waste can actually kill it. Un-scooped piles will burn spots in your grass that will remain yellow or dead for quite some time.
  • Family health: If you don’t have a regular Hurst TX pooper scooper service clean your dog’s waste, the piles of feces can leech harmful bacteria and parasites into the soil. Anyone with children, or who enjoys gardening, knows how soil tends to get everywhere. All it takes for an infection is for a small particle of infected soil to be ingested or to seep in through a wound.
  • Environmental health: Even though dog waste may seem to go away on its own, what is actually happening is the fecal matter is being washed into local waterways. The higher concentration of waste in local water sources leads to increased algae populations, which will deplete the water’s oxygen supply. Hiring a pooper scooper service in Hurst TX means the contaminates in your dog’s waste stays out of the water supply.

The scoop

As a pet-loving pooper scooper company in Hurst TX, we hate to see any pet relocated because his or her owners simply didn’t have time to handle the mess. By providing affordable Hurst TX pooper scooper service, we hope to keep more pets out of shelters and in their homes.