Irving TX Dog Poop Removal

Dog waste can be incredibly destructive, but an Irving TX dog poop removal service can help minimize the effect of pet waste on your yard or property.

We are Scoop Soldiers, and we are the leader in dog poop removal service in Irving TX. We provide a valuable and thorough service that completely erases all signs of dog poop from your lawn or property. Our weekly service can keep any property looking immaculate all year around.

Why you need dog poop removal in Irving TX

Most people love having dogs around, but no one likes cleaning up after them. In fact, this has been the deciding factor in many men and women who have opted not to get a dog. With the help or our Irving TX dog poop removal service, we can make owning a dog just a little easier.

Dog poop, when not picked up, can cause destruction to:

  • Your grass: Dog poop is not like normal manure used as a natural fertilizer. The stuff in dog poop can actually kill your grass. Schedule our Irving TX dog poop removal to keep your property looking lush and green.
  • Home: Your dog might go to the bathroom outside, but that doesn’t mean the waste stays outdoors. Dog poop can be tracked inside, spreading germs and all that nasty stuff indoors. When our dog poop removal service in Irving TX keeps your lawn clean, you don’t have to worry about it getting indoors.

You probably didn’t realize that such small piles of waste can cause such wide-spread destruction. Dog poop is nasty stuff and you need to keep it off your lawn or property.

Count on Scoop Soldiers’ Irving TX dog poop removal service and say goodbye to the last pile of dog poop you will see — at least, on your property.