Keller TX Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers is a Keller TX pet waste removal company looking to take one dirty chore off of your hands. As a professional pet waste removal company in Keller TX, we strive to create clean lawns, happy neighbors and a healthy environment.

A little poop can be a big problem

  • Dog owners and non-dog owners alike can agree on one thing: dog poop is undesirable. Pet waste has been the cause of many neighborly disputes and even city fines. Performing regular pet waste removal in Keller TX can do more than just make your property smell better.
  • Dog waste is also one of the leading reasons dogs are banned from private communities and public areas. Keeping the area clean will ensure you and your furry friend can live peacefully where you want to live.

Who has the time?

Let’s say you have two dogs. Let’s say those dogs go out twice a day to leave their little piles. That is four piles of poop every day. Even if you can take one day out of the week to clean up, you will be searching for at least 24 piles of poop.

Our Keller TX pet waste removal company does the work so that you don’t have to. We will ensure every pile is removed and your yard is safe for friends and family.

What about diseases?

It’s true that dog waste carries many diseases, and the feces can contaminate healthy dogs as well. Our Keller TX pet waste removal service takes every necessary precaution to ensure we don’t spread disease from one yard to another. We sanitize all of our tools and protect ourselves from spreading contaminates.

Get your quote

It really is incredibly easy to get a quote from our pet waste removal company in Keller TX. Just give us a call, answer a few questions, and then be amazed at how affordable your services may be. Let our Keller TX pet waste removal company allow you to enjoy your furry friend without constantly picking up after it.