Keller TX Pooper Scooper Service

As a professional Keller TX pooper scooper service, we understand that keeping your lawn clean is a dirty job. Scoop Soldiers offers professional dog poop removal in Keller TX and the surrounding area. We will help you keep your hands (and shoes) clean while still enjoying a waste-free lawn.

The poop problem

Even if you live next to pet-friendly neighbors, unless you stay on top of your Keller TX dog poop removal, you could have some cranky people living next door. Dog waste builds up and can put off foul odors, particularly in the summer time. As if that wasn’t irritating enough for the neighbors trying to throw a backyard barbeque, dog waste can be washed into their yard, contaminating their soil. 

Harmful bacteria and parasites put you, your family and your neighbors at risk when you fail to perform your own clean up or hire a professional Keller TX pooper scooper service.

Even worse…

The problem gets worse because we have so little time in the day. The few minutes we do have are rightly prioritized to spend with our spouse, children, friends and pets. Feces builds up, Fido has little clean space to walk, and before you know it, the dog is tracking contaminated feces throughout your house.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

Our pooper scooper service in Keller TX makes sure that your lawn is kept clean so that your home remains contaminate free.

Our solution

It’s pretty simple, really. Our technicians will perform your regular dog poop removal in Keller TX to make sure that dog waste doesn’t build up in your yard.

The amount you pay will be determined by the amount of pets you own, among other factors. This helps keep your cost low so that you can afford our Keller TX pooper scooper service. To learn more, contact us today.