Lake Worth Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers and our Lake Worth TX pet waste removal service can make your life a ton easier. Imagine not having to get out in your yard and pick of the poop left behind by your dog. But, at the same time, this important chore is still getting done!

That’s not a dream — it’s reality with Scoop Soldiers and our Lake Worth pet waste removal services. Since 2010, we have serviced both residential and commercial clients, providing them with visits from our trained pooper scoopers, who will remove all the waste from their properties.

Make pet ownership easy with pet waste removal in Lake Worth TX

Cleaning up after your dog — especially the nasty outdoor messes — is an essential part of owning a dog. You can’t ignore it. If you do, the waste will pile up on your lawn and create a serious health hazard.

Our Lake Worth TX pet waste removal makes it so much easier. When our team is handling this chore, you:

  • Don’t have to have a pooper scooper, bags or tools on hand
  • Spend hours in your yard looking for the poop
  • Handle the stomach-churning task of handling the waste
  • Won’t have to worry about stepping in poop in your own yard
  • Need to worry about your pet experiencing health issues from the bacteria

If you were handling this chore yourself instead of turning to our Lake Worth pet waste removal services, then these might be concerns for you.

Scoop Soldiers delivers effective service in a convenient fashion

Convenience is the name of the game for Scoop Soldiers. Not only is it convenient to have a pet waste removal company in Lake Worth handling your pet waste removal needs, we also make this service completely easy to schedule and manage.

Our Lake Worth TX pet waste removal service is affordable and there are no long-term contracts involved. Get started with Scoop Soldiers right now.