Lake Worth Pooper Scooper Services

Discover the convenience and value that comes with Lake Worth pooper scooper services by consulting with the friendly staff at Scoop Soldiers. As dog owners ourselves, we know firsthand the hardships that come with picking up after your pooch.

It’s likely that you simply don’t have the time or energy in the week to go out in the yard and pick up dog poop. That’s where our Lake Worth pooper scooper company comes in. We take this concern off of your plate completely — and do so for an affordable price.

Keep your property clear of dog poop

Letting pet waste to fester on your lawn is a bad idea. Our pooper scooper company in Lake Worth TX knows that it can be damaging or hazardous to:

  • Pets: Diseases are passed from dog to dog through pet waste. Our Lake Worth pooper scooper services eliminates this hazard to create a truly pet-friendly property.
  • Property: It’s essentially impossible to maintain a property that looks nice when there is dog poop everywhere. Not only are the mounds of pet waste disgusting, but dog poop kills grass. Our pooper scooper services in Lake Worth TX keep your property looking nice.
  • Neighbors: All too often, neighbors pay the price for lingering dog poop, too. Nearby residents can catch whiffs of the waste or dogs might even venture into their yards to do their business.

Our Lake Worth pooper scooper company addresses all these concerns with one simple, affordable service. Through weekly, bi-weekly or single visits form our scoopers, you can make sure that your yard is 100 percent free of dog poop.

These Lake Worth pooper scooper services are relied upon by residential and commercial clients. We work with everyone from homeowners to dog kennels and vet clinics. We can guarantee that you will find tremendous value in our service.