Lantana TX Pooper Scooper Service

The work of a quality Lantana TX pooper scooper service is priceless. Scoop Soldiers understands how important our pooper scooper company in Lantana TX is to local pet owners. For this reason, we offer affordable pricing for high quality work.

About Scoop Soldiers

We wouldn’t have stayed in business as long as we have without clinging to a few core values. They include:

  • Passion: Our Lantana TX pooper scooper company is full of pet lovers who want to see happy pet owners. We understand that, the better we do our job, the happier pet owners will be.
  • Integrity: Although our intense job scrutiny is generally enough to prevent mistakes, we will admit our faults if they occur. Then, we will do everything we can to rectify the situation. We know you pay your hard earned money for our services and we’d like to keep it that way.
  • Excellence: Our Lantana TX pooper scooper service is constantly working to make improvements. We believe that the better, and more efficiently, we can clean up your lawn the more affordable our services can be.

Is it worth it?

We get this question way too many times to count. The answer is always the same: YES.

Dog feces is much more harmful than the feces of farm animals. Dogs are natural scavengers and this can lead them to ingest harmful material that is eventually excreted in their waste.

Parasites, bacteria and viruses can all be harbored in dog waste. Without proper clean up or a professional pooper scooper service in Lantana TX, you, your family or your neighbors could be at risk for infection.

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We’re a local pooper scooper company in Lantana TX that is community oriented and here to serve our neighbors.

To learn more about how much your Lantana TX pooper scooper service may cost, contact us right away.