Little Elm TX Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers offers premier Little Elm TX pet waste removal geared toward both residential and commercial clients. We invite you to contact our office staff and see how easy and affordable it is to schedule service.

Doing your dirty work

As dog lovers, we knew that there was a need for professional pet waste removal in Little Elm TX. No matter how much you love your pet, it’s all right to admit that you hate picking up the stinky gifts it leaves behind.

So, we hatched our company and called it Scoop Soldiers. Our Little Elm pet waste removal service can show up every week to take care of the piles of poop left behind by your dog so you don’t have to.

Helping you maintain a pristine lawn

For all you lawn fanatics out there, you probably already know that piles of dog poop can severely damage the appearance and health of your lawn. You want your home and lawn to look great and our Little Elm TX pet waste removal service can help.

By removing piles of poop every week, we don’t give the toxins time to set in and hurt your grass.

Servicing commercial clients

A number of commercial clients also rely on our pet waste removal in Little Elm to keep their properties looking immaculate. These clients include:

  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Dog kennels
  • Dog parks
  • Apartment and condo complexes
  • Senior living centers

Our pet waste removal in Little Elm TX lets you offer a pet-friendly environment without having to deal with the bad odor and unsightly appearance of dog poop everywhere.

You can schedule our valuable services around your busy calendar. We are also confident that you will be more than satisfied with our affordable rates. We wanted to give all pet owners access to our top-notch Little Elm TX pet waste removal service.