Little Elm TX Pooper Scooper

Instead of letting your dog’s poop bake in the hot Texas sun, why not call in our Little Elm TX pooper scooper service? If you can believe it, Scoop Soldiers actually takes joy in picking up after your pups.

As a pooper scooper company in Little Elm with integrity, we trust that you will find us easy to work with — not to mention, you will be thrilled with the results.

Doing a thorough job every time

Our pooper scooper service in Little Elm TX not only takes this annoying chore off of your plate, but we do it in an incredibly thorough fashion.

We don’t breeze through your lawn or property just picking up what we see. Our Little Elm TX pooper scooper service does so much more.

  • Covering ALL of your property: Whether our technicians are working in your backyard or a sprawling commercial property, we walk every inch of the land, making sure we don’t leave anything behind.
  • Sanitizing for your protection: Our Little Elm pooper scooper company takes measures to sanitize your property and our tools. Dog poop is loaded with germs and we don’t want you to be affected by them.
  • Getting rid of the smell: Our team even has methods to reduce or eliminate the nasty odor that often lingers even after poop as been removed. You will be able to breath easy!

The staff at our pooper scooper company in Little Elm has labored tirelessly to help local pet owners pick up after their dogs. It’s no easy task, which is why we offer our services at an affordable rate. We can handle properties of all sizes — it doesn’t matter how many dogs may be roaming the premises, either.

See firsthand what our Little Elm TX pooper scooper service can do for you. Schedule your service without signing a long-term contract. It is completely obligation-free!