Lucas Poop Scooping Service

Just because you own dogs or manage a pet-friendly property doesn’t mean your lawn has to suffer for it — and our Lucas poop scooping service company can show you how. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we are a trusted resource when it comes to dog poop removal.

Our Lucas scooping company provides a helpful service that keeps pet waste off of your lawn on a weekly basis. This entails visits from our trained scoopers, who will diligently work on your property to find, remove and dispose of every single pile of dog poop.

How dog poop threatens your property

Have you ever seen a lawn or property that has been overtaken with mounds of dog poop? It’s not pretty. Our poop scooping service company in Lucas helps you avoid this fate.

Dog poop can hurt your lawn or property in a number of ways, including:

  • Kill your grass to leave you with dead or bare spots all throughout your lawn
  • Attracts pests like flies, mosquitoes and even mice and rats
  • Potentially contaminate local water sources
  • Generate a pungent odor that will hover over your property
  • Bring germs, bacteria, and diseases on to your property
  • And more

Our Lucas poop scooping service company can make sure this doesn’t happen to your property even when you don’t have time to pick up after your dog.

You can schedule our Lucas scooping company to visit your property every week or else you can call us in for a one-time cleaning — whichever best fits your needs.

A leader in poop scooping in Lucas TX

With undeniable quality in our work and the guaranteed lowest prices in the area, there is little mystery as to why so many clients turn to Scoop Soldiers for their pet waste removal needs. Experience the convenience that comes with our Lucas poop scooping service company by talking to our team.