At Scoop Soldiers USA, we designed a McKinney dog poop cleanup service that is as simple as it sounds. Scheduling our service is easy, our pricing structure is straightforward and we do a thorough job removing and disposing of all dog waste on your property.

It’s not rocket science — you do not want your lawn or property littered with dog poop, and our dog poop cleanup service in McKinney TX helps you avoid that.

Our McKinney dog poop service is also cheap enough where it can fit into every budget. You can schedule our service as often as three times a week, or simply summon us out to your property for a one-time cleaning.

As long as you own four dogs or fewer, you will pay one flat rate. We do not try to charge you extra for:

  • Multiple dogs: Sure, having more than one dog means there is more messes to clean up, but our McKinney dog poop cleanup service doesn’t think that you have to pay extra for our help. However, if you do house more than four dogs on the property, call us for a custom quote.
  • Oversized lots: Some lawns are bigger than others. No matter how big your lawn is, our dog poop cleanup service in McKinney TX charges you the same flat rate. Commercial clients can call us for a free area assessment and custom quote for the job.
  • Disposal fee: Removing and disposing of dog waste is what our dog poop service in McKinney TX is all about. We do not try to nickel and dime you by charging you a disposal fee like some other services would.

We also make sure that you have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the lowest price possible. Our bargain basement prices are already the best in town, but if you stumble across a better deal, we will do everything we can to beat it.

Why clean up your dog’s poop on your own when our McKinney dog poop cleanup service is so affordable? Let us do your dirty work for you! Call or e-mail us right now.