How many hours have you spent hunched over in the yard picking up dog poop when you could have simply hired a McKinney dog poop pickup service?

At Scoop Soldiers USA, we encourage you to give us a call and have us tend to this nasty chore that no dog owner wants to put up with. Established in 2010, clients have relied on our dog poop pickup company in McKinney TX to keep their properties looking clean and become more sanitary.

Our McKinney dog poop service can be utilized on both residential and commercial properties. Our residential clients can expect fast, reliable and thorough service, delivered up to three times a week if needed. Additionally, the pricing for our McKinney dog poop pickup service is straightforward and affordable. If you own four dogs or less, you pay the same flat rate every time we visit.

You can also rest assured that you are receiving the best price possible. Through our best price guarantee, if you find a dog poop pickup service in McKinney TX that offers a cheaper rate, we will beat it.

The staff at Scoop Soldiers USA is also equipped to handle large commercial jobs. These establishments include:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Town homes
  • Kennels
  • Dog parks
  • Vets
  • Animal shelters

In these settings, it is important to remove dog waste before the bacteria affects both the animals and humans that are near. Our dog poop pickup company in McKinney TX can get this hazard out of your life and also make your property look better and smell fresher.

Owning dogs can be a joy, but cleaning up their waste can often become an unbearable chore that you do not want to put up with. In such cases, turn to Scoop Soldiers USA to cover your needs.

Call or e-mail to schedule our McKinney dog poop pickup service. You — and your four-legged friends — will be glad you did.