Melissa TX Dog Poop Waste Removal

For Melissa TX dog poop removal services you can count on week in and week out, give Scoop Soldiers a call today. We know how much you love your furry pals; we love ours, too. That’s why we have developed a service that gives you the freedom of playing in your yard without the fear of stepping on a “land mine.” Let us show you the Scoop Soldiers difference in Melissa dog poop services.

Why clean it up?
Most homeowners ask themselves that question every day; why do I need to clean the poop up? There are some facts about dog waste most people don’t realize. These facts include:

  • It is definitely not a fertilizer: Because dogs have a high protein diet, their waste has a very high acidic content. With our Poop removal services in Melissa, you won’t have to worry about your yard turning into a brown wasteland.
  • Dog waste can carry many types of parasites: Heartworms, whipworms, and the parvovirus are just a few of the problems that originate in dog waste. Without proper dog poop removal services in Melissa TX, these parasites and disease can be passed on to humans and pets.
  • Takes one year to decompose: Yes, you read that correctly. Dog waste can take up to 365 days to fully decompose. That’s why, instead of mowing the lawn with it still there — which only cuts it into smaller pieces — you need Melissa TX dog poop removal services by Scoop Soldiers.

Hiring the best poop removal services in Melissa has never been easier. Look no further than Scoop Soldiers for the most professional and quality services around.

Only Scoop Soldiers offers the highest of quality in Melissa TX dog poop removal services. To see why our clients are so pleased, call us today or submit or contact form. We will always contact you within 24 hours. Let us give you your yard back.