Murphy Pet Waste Removal

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where our Murphy TX pet waste removal service can help you maintain a nice looking, sanitary property for both people and pets to enjoy. We have been in business since 2010, working closely with commercial and residential clients to cover their pet waste removal needs.

Our Murphy pet waste removal services have proven to be:

  • Effective: Scoop Soldiers follows a strict process when we are out on the job administering pet waste removal in Murphy TX. This means we remove the waste and treat your property for germs and bacteria. This comprehensive approach leaves you with a clean, sanitary lawn.
  • Affordable: We pride ourselves on serving the community with our affordable Murphy pet waste removal service. Not only do service visits start at $10, but we also protect our work with a satisfaction guarantee, so you only pay when we meet your expectations.
  • Professional: Since you are choosing to invest your money in our Murphy TX pet waste removal, we want to provide our clients with a positive experience. That means outfitting our staff in company uniforms and equipping them with company-marked trucks. We arrive on time and leave you written confirmation of the completed job.

A number of factors drive the passion that we bring to each job — none more than our genuine passion for dogs and their owners. Our pet waste removal company in Murphy is staffed by men and women that love dogs. We want them to be safe, healthy and happy while they are outdoors.

That means keeping them isolated from the waste that they lay down seemingly everywhere they go. Scoop Soldiers works with residential and commercial clients, so let us know about the needs of your job and we will talk to you more about our Murphy TX pet waste removal.