North Dallas Dog Poop Removal

If you are a dog lover, or run a pet-friendly business, we encourage you to look into the North Dallas dog poop removal services by Scoop Soldiers USA. We handle all the nasty, smelly work that comes with taking care of dogs.

In 2010, we established our North Dallas dog poop disposal company because we knew this was a chore that few — if any — dog owners wanted to put up with. Now, for minimal cost, you can utilize our dog poop disposal services in North Dallas when you have messes on your property.

Our dog poop removal company in North Dallas accepts both residential and commercial clients.


  • You can schedule our services as often as three times per week to keep your lawn looking lush, green and poopy-free. Or, if you just need our North Dallas dog poop removal services on a one-time basis, we are happy to help, too.
  • Scoop Soldiers USA do not charge you extra if you have multiple dogs, as long as the number does not exceed four. If it does, we can chat and provide you with a more accurate quote.
  • Got a big yard? That doesn’t matter. You won’t pay extra because of it.
  • Our staff will arrive on time and in uniform, ready to thoroughly comb through your yard and take care of all the messes left behind by your dogs.


  • Our North Dallas dog poop disposal company is also perfect for pet-friendly environments like dog parks, kennels, animal shelters, apartments, town homes and condos. We allow your business to be dog friendly, which is always favorable to clientele.
  • Contact Scoop Soldiers USA and we will provide you with a free area assessment and quote.

When you call on the Scoop Soldiers, you aren’t just getting rid of piles of dog poop — you are also getting rid of the nasty smell and unpleasant odor that comes with it.

Contact us right away to see how our North Dallas dog poop removal services can benefit you.