Plano Dog Poop Cleanup Service

Many residential and commercial landowners have realized the benefits that Scoop Soldiers USA’s Plano dog poop cleanup service can bring. Are you one of them?

If not, you might consider calling our dog poop cleanup service in Plano TX at (214) 489-5568 today to find out more, or just continue reading to understand the basics of our services.

What does our Plano dog poop service offer you?

  • Simply put, we can clean the residue from pets and furry friends from your yard or lawn. Whether you are a homeowner who is just sick of cleaning up after Fido, or if you own an apartment building or other pet-friendly business, our Plano dog poop cleanup service can do the dirty work for you.
  • We do this on a variety of schedules. Our dog poop service in Plano TX can clean your yard multiple times per week, once per week, bi weekly or even just do a one-time deep cleaning whenever you feel it is necessary.

What do we charge for this service?

  • The prices for our dog poop cleanup service in Plano TX vary depending on how often you need us. We charge $8.99/visit for three cleanings per week, $9.99 for two, $10.99 for the weekly plan and $15.99 for the bi-weekly plan. These prices are the same regardless of how many dogs you have (four or less) or how large your space is. Our prices for the one-time cleaning service will vary depending on how many dogs you own.
  • Our low price guarantee means that you will not be paying more than you need to pay. We offer no hidden fees, no extra charges and we will beat any lower price you can find (good luck!). Our goal is to give you the services you need at prices you can afford.

Contact Scoop Soldiers USA for our Plano dog poop cleanup service for more information or to schedule your services.