Plano Dog Poop Removal

Are you tired of relying on the neighbor boy for your Plano dog poop removal services? When you sign on for sub-par services, you receive sub-par work.

Scoop Soldiers USA offers you a quality, alternative Plano dog poop disposal company at an affordable price. You will be free to enjoy your yard without worry about ruining that new pair of tennis shoes.

Leaving dog waste lying around poses a danger to:

  • Dogs: Dog waste carries a variety of viruses and bacteria that can make your dog or other dogs sick. Many of these ailments are deadly within just a few days of contamination.
  • Your family: Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms are just a few of the parasites that can be transmitted through dog waste to your family.
  • The environment: When not removed by dog poop disposal services in Plano TX, rainwater washes dog feces into local water sources. Not only does this make recreational pond and lake swimming dangerous, it can kill fish and promote algae growth.

Why hire Scoop Soldiers USA?

Few of us have the time to properly clean up dog waste as often as necessary. Our Plano dog poop removal services can be ordered on a one-time or regular basis. We will arrive in uniform and make sure that no “doggy land mine” escapes our sweep.

You will not be charged extra for multiple dogs if you decide to schedule regular cleanings, and you will never be charged disposal fees. Our dog poop removal company in Plano TX is pet friendly, so you can even leave your dog in the yard while we work.

We guarantee that our Plano dog poop disposal company offers the lowest prices available. If you find a lower price offered by a competitor, we will beat.

To learn more about specials and get a quote on our Plano dog poop removal services, call today. Let us take back your yard, one land mine at a time.