Preston Hollow Pet Waste Removal

For some, hiring professional Preston Hollow pet waste removal may seem like a luxury reserved for only the well-to-do in the area. Scoop Soldiers has decided to challenge that notion. We offer affordable pooper scooper services in Preston Hollow for every family. We believe every family deserves to have their dog and enjoy it too.

The sad truth

Many families bring home a new dog with dreams of fetch, tag and cuddly nights at the forefront of their minds. Parents are often swindled by their children, who promise of daily walks, weekly lawn cleanings and regular baths.

When the newness wears off, parents and pet owners often find the task of performing their own pet waste removal in Preston Hollow one more dreaded chore. Sadly, this often results in nearly-new dogs being turned in to overcrowded pet shelters.

Our mission

If we can save even one pet from being given to a shelter or abandoned, we’ve done our job. While we realize our Preston Hollow pet waste removal covers just one of the chores that accompanies dog ownership, it is certainly the dirtiest. Many families find that the relief of having one less dog chore often negates any resentment they hold for their furry friend.

Dangers of pet waste

The chore of waste removal often falls to the children in the family. Our professionals in Preston Hollow pooper scooper services will explain that the dangers of pet waste really necessitate the chore be left to adults. Diseases that can be harbored in waste include:

  • E. coli
  • Roundworms
  • Pinworms (children are particularly susceptible to these)
  • Hookworms
  • Various bacteria

These contaminates can persist in soil long after waste has been removed. To keep your family safe, regular pooper scooper services in Preston Hollow are a must.

You may be surprised by how affordable our Preston Hollow pet waste removal service can be. To receive your quote, give us a call now.