Preston Hollow Pooper Scooper

For a clean, sanitary and great looking property, count on the trusted Preston Hollow pooper scooper service from Scoop Soldiers. Our crews work with residential and commercial clients, effectively eliminating all the nasty waste left behind by dogs.

Sure, you might not see dog poop as a huge hazard, but it does need to be dealt with for the sake of your health and the health of your other pets. Our pooper scooper service in Dallas TX takes care of it, not only by removing the poop, but by sanitizing your property, too.

Loaded with germs and bacteria, poop can pose a health hazard to:

  • You: If poop accumulates in your yard or on your property, it’s easy for pets or children to step in it and track the germs into the home. Thanks to our Dallas TX pooper scooper service, you don’t have to worry about those nasty germs getting into your living quarters.
  • Other pets: Our Preston Hollow pooper scooper service is also important to protect other dogs and pets. So many diseases are past from dog to dog through feces, and our service takes that hazard out of the equation.
  • Children: Kids are curious and explore the world by touching. Not only do you have to worry about them handling dog poop, but it’s easy for them to inadvertently step in it while playing. Our pooper scooper service in Preston Hollow keeps your property clear of all dog poop.

We make your property look great

Whether you require our pooper scooper service in Dallas TX for residential or commercial property, one thing is for certain: We make your property look good. Dog poop only harms the aesthetic appeal of your property. By removing it, you can achieve that picture-perfect look you were hoping for.

Our office staff is standing by to offer you a quote for your Preston Hollow pooper scooper service. Give us a call and let’s chat!