Prosper Dog Poop Pickup Service Company

Did you know that there is a Prosper dog poop pickup service that can tend to one of the most dreaded chores among dog owners? Scoop Soldiers USA is here to remove dog waste from your residential and commercial properties, all for a price that can fit budgets of every size.

Since 2010, our dog poop pickup company in Prosper TX has helped home and business owners get rid of those nasty, smelly “land mines” left behind by man’s best friend. The end result is a clean, fresh-smelling property that is also free of dangerous bacteria.

Our Prosper dog poop service also comes with the guarantee that you will pay the cheapest price, bar none. In fact, if you find a similar service that is priced lower than Scoop Soldiers USA, we will beat that price.

With our dog poop pickup service in Prosper TX, we also do not believe in nickel and diming you by sneaking in hidden fees. When it comes to pricing, what you see is what you get with Scoop Soldiers USA.

There are a seemingly endless number of reasons why you should utilize our Prosper dog poop pickup service. Just a few of them are as follows.

  • Convenience: What dog owner actually enjoys the idea of going out in the yard and picking up dog poop? It’s the one thing that can turn men and women off to owning a dog. We started our dog poop pickup company in Prosper TX so you can focus on taking care of your dogs, not cleaning up after them.
  • Sanitation: Dog poop carries dangerous bacteria and diseases, which can affect both humans and dogs alike. We eliminate that risk.
  • Cleanliness: Stop accidentally stepping in big piles of poop. With our help, you can step freely around your property.
  • Freshness: Tired of smelling nothing but dog poop just because you own or take care of dogs? By consistently removing dog waste, your property will smell like the fresh outdoors.

Dog poop stinks — in more ways than one. Get rid of it with our Prosper dog poop pickup service.