Southlake TX Pooper Scooper

Many local homeowners have tempted the idea of hiring a professional Southlake TX pooper scooper service, but are not thrilled with the idea of strangers wandering around their property. With Scoop Soldiers, we are like your family and friends — you can trust us with your pet waste removal needs.

Our Southlake TX poop removal company has spent years working with local residential and commercial clients. These individuals count on our service to keep their properties looking — and smelling — great.

Let us pay you a visit

If your only reservation about hiring a pooper scooper service in Southlake TX is the fact that strangers will be on your property, you don’t have to worry. Scoop Soldiers is completely professional and will achieve the results you were hoping for.

  • What if a worker gets injured on your property? Would you be responsible? No! Our staff members are fully insured. We offer Southlake TX pooper scooper service that is free of liability.
  • Our Southlake TX poop removal company is great with dogs, which is why most of our staff members got into this business in the first place. You can feel free to let your dogs roam free while we work. We don’t mind interacting with them.
  • If members of our poop removal company in Southlake TX pay you a visit while you are gone, all you have to do is give us access to your property and we can take care of the job while you are away. We will leave behind a written notice as confirmation.

Not only that, but our staff makes sure to be punctual and will always arrive ready to work. Our technicians will be decked out in professional looking uniforms to add to the customer experience.

You can trust that our Southlake TX pooper scooper service will yield great results and treat your property with respect.