University Park Pet Waste Removal

It may surprise you to learn that you no longer have to perform your own University Park pet waste removal. Scoop Soldiers provides University Park a dog poop clean up service it can count on. Find out why we stand out and learn the importance of keeping your lawn clean.

Why choose Scoop Soldiers?

  • Attention to detail: This is a crucial quality of any professional dog poop clean up service in University Park. Carefully making sure we remove every pile of waste is what elevates our service above the rest.
  • Safety measures: We clean many lawns each day. For this reason, our employees take special measures to make sure your family and pets are safe. We’ll sanitize our equipment and wear necessary gear to prevent the spread of diseases from yard to yard.
  • Affordability: So many of our clients tell us they wish they would have called sooner to ask about our services. We want our services to be something that is affordable to every pet lover.

Pet waste can affect:

  • Your family: Few realize how many diseases are harbored in pet waste. Our University Park pet waste removal experts will explain that serious bacteria such as E. coli, as well as parasitic worms, can be found in pet waste. If not removed quickly, these nasty contaminates can seep into the ground and remain long after the waste is removed.
  • Your neighborhood: As pet waste accumulates, the smell can begin to offend some neighbors. Additionally, heavy rains can wash a slushy mixture onto your neighbor’s property.
  • The environment: Without proper pet waste removal in University Park, rains can cause contaminates to seep into ground water and neighboring wells.

Hiring a University Park dog poop clean up service could be the most responsible choice you make in pet ownership. To receive a quote on what your University Park pet waste removal may cost, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.