University Park Pooper Scooper

You may be wondering just how important having a regular University Park pooper scooper service can be. Scoop Soldiers is your local pooper scooper service in Dallas TX, and we can explain just how crucial it is to pick up after your pooch.

The dangers of dog poop

First, let’s take a look at all the little nasty elements found in dog feces:

  • E. Coli: The technicians at our pooper scooper service in University Park will explain that this lovely little organism can cause you or your children to become incredibly ill. Vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea are just some of the symptoms you could experience. If left untreated for more than two weeks, severe disability, kidney failure, blood problems and death can occur.
  • Pinworms: The professionals at our Dallas TX pooper scooper service will explain that these are some of the most commonly spread parasites from dogs. Your dog may not even have symptoms. A small piece of fecal matter with pinworm eggs is all it takes to infect a person (typically children). The host generally doesn’t know they are infected until night, when the female pinworms congregate in the hundreds to the anus to deposit eggs in the flesh. This can itch at best and hurt at worst, and it only takes the lack of hand washing to infect many more people.
  • Giardia: Our University Park pooper scooper service professionals will also tell you that this parasitic organism is no friendlier than any other. Vomiting, diarrhea, and, in chronic cases, lack of appetite leading to malnutrition, have been shown to occur. Not to mention this disease can easily infect other pets in your home or neighborhood.

The solution?

Keep it clean! By having a regular pooper scooper service in Dallas TX, you greatly reduce your risk of harming yourself, your family, or your pet To get the scoop on how incredibly affordable our University Park pooper scooper service actually is, just give us a call today.