Wylie Dog Poop Scooper

Wylie dog poop scooper service removes a very legitimate hazard from your property. Dog poop might just seem gross, but it’s lots more sinister.

Dog waste is filled with various germs, bacteria, and diseases. Exposure to this substance can be dangerous for both people and pets. Luckily, our poop scooper company in Wylie TX removes it on a regular basis for our long list of clients.

We are Scoop Soldiers, and our dog poop scooper service in Wylie is put to use every single day for commercial and residential clients. Our crews work hard to completely clean off each property we work on, which means finding, removing, bagging up and hauling away all the dog poop.

Don’t let people and pets become exposed to germs and bacteria

Our Wylie scooper service helps protect the health of both people and pets alike. When dog poop is sitting out in your yard out the open, so many things can become exposed to it:

  • Children: Kids like to play, and they don’t always look where they are going. It’s very common for kids to fall on, or step in, poop while outside — our Wylie dog poop scooper service wants to help avoid this.
  • Adults: Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you’re immune from coming into contact with these messes. How many times have you been walking along only to feel something mushy on the bottom of your shoe? Once you step in poop, you can track it into your home, too. Don’t let this happen — bring in our poop scooper company in Wylie TX.
  • Pets: Feces is the number one avenue in which diseases are passed from dog to dog. If the poop is sitting on your lawn, your pets will be exposed to it — whether they’re sniffing it or stepping in it.

Protect all these things you love by consulting with Scoop Soldiers for Wylie dog poop scooper service.