Five Must-Haves Before Bringing Home a New Pup

Did you know that animal shelters typically see an increase in dog adoptions around the holiday season? That may not come as a surprise, as some of our favorite mainstream holiday movies include dogs being gifted to loving friends, children and partners. Regardless of the time of year, bringing home a new dog can result in big lifestyle changes, so it’s so important to be prepared with all the items you must have in order to be a responsible owner. If you’re planning on getting a new dog soon, check out these five must-haves before bringing him home!

Leash and harness/collar

These may seem like an obvious item to purchase; however, in the excitement of bringing home a new pup, some owners find themselves forgetting a leash and harness or collar! Both are essential for taking your pup on walks, potty training and more. If your new pup will reach a heavy weight class by full maturity, we recommend purchasing a highly adjustable leash and harness or collar. If that’s not possible, simply choose with a cheaper version of each since your dog will likely outgrow these accessories very quickly.

Crate for potty training

Purchasing a crate is essential to the potty-training process, as well as for kenneling your pup while you’re out of the house to avoid coming back to a wrecked home. Keep in mind that, according to the American Kennel Club, size truly does matter when you’re selecting a crate. The crate should be well-ventilated and large enough for your pup to stand up, lie down and turn around. However, remember that the crate will have to grow as your dog grows, so American Kennel Club recommends purchasing a crate that is appropriate for your dog’s expected full-grown size. Since this crate will likely be too large for your pup while young, you can use a safe divider to make the crate smaller until your dog hits a growth spurt!  

Veterinarian for health services

Once you bring your pup home, you’ll quickly begin scheduling his first vet appointment to take care of several vaccinations, wellness exams and more. If possible, we recommend selecting a local veterinarian practice in advance of bringing your dog home so you can act as quickly as possible to ensure your dog is healthy. There are plenty of online resources to help you identify which vet is right for you, like this vet finderby location.

Handheld shower head for bathing

Have you ever tried to give a dog an indoor bath without a handheld shower head? Not only is it extremely time consuming, but also it can be hard to keep your pup in the tub while you’re using a cup transport water from the faucet to your dog’s coat. Save yourself some time and energy by purchasing a handheld shower head, and you won’t regret it!

Scoop Soldiers services for keeping your yard landmine-free

Regardless of whether your dog is indoors, outdoors or a hybrid of both, one thing’s for sure — most dogs use the bathroom in the yard! No owner likes to pick up these doggy landmines, and that’s where Scoop Soldiers come in. Call us at (877) 930-POOP to learn more about scheduling your first free service with us if you live in the Orlando, Tampa, Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Phoenix or Atlanta metro areas.

We’re so glad you’re excited about your new pup, and we hope to meet you both very soon!

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