Four Tips for Creating a Dog-Friendly Backyard

A safe, spacious backyard has the potential to be one of your dog’s favorite hangouts. But before you introduce Fido to his new home, it’s important to make sure your backyard is dog-proof and ready for a lifetime of healthy, pawesome fun. Here are our four tips for creating a dog-friendly backyard:

Safety First

One of the most important installations for a dog-friendly backyard? A fence! That way, your pup will be able to enjoy the backyard leash-free, exploring the fresh scents and beautiful landscape without restriction. Plus, a fence protects your pup from wild animals like bobcats, opossums and more, while keeping your dog from running away.

Include Viewing Areas

If your dog often barks at things he can’t see (like cars, animals and passersby), you should consider including viewing areas in your backyard. Such areas could include a back deck or other elevated portions of land to provide higher ground and expansion of sight. If those additions to the backyard aren’t possible or feasible, dome windows for fences are also doggy favorites and can be very effective!

Keep Landscape Toxic-Free

Before letting Fido run free in the backyard, don’t forget to survey your backyard and remove any potential toxic plants. When ingested, some plants can cause serious health problems like organ failure, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Some common toxic plants include aloe, daffodil, daisy and lemon grass, to name a few. 


Lastly, keeping your backyard clean of doggy landmines is essential to making sure your dog is healthy and happy with his backyard. When your dog’s poop doesn’t get scooped, your pup can spread harmful parasites, bacteria and pollutants into the urban watershed — just one of the many reasons Scoop Soldiers make your dog’s doody our duty. If you need help keeping your yard clean, give us a call at (877) 930-POOP to schedule your first pet waste removal service for free if you live in the Orlando, Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Phoenix or Atlanta metro areas.

We know you and your pup enjoy the new, safe backyard, and we hope to meet Fido soon!

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