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Explore all the possibility that comes with the Scoop Soldiers brand. Originally founded in 2010 by two friends in the landscaping industry who saw a problem that needed solving, Scoop Soldiers now operates in multiple states and is seeking to expand even further.  We are a pet waste removal franchise on a mission to grow our brand by providing the best service to our clients, while creating a better future for our franchise owners. 
Learn more about owning a Scoop Soldiers Pet Waste Removal Franchise
You’re invited to learn more about Scoop Soldiers: We really are a different kind of pet waste removal franchise. We are personable yet tech-savvy, and operate with a team of experienced professionals to assist our franchisees along every leg of their journey. 
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We’re looking for like-minded, people- and dog-loving entrepreneurs to be part of Scoop Soldiers’ innovative, exciting growth.

Scoop Soldiers needs boots on the ground in yards near YOU. Bring this exciting business to your home town.

Meet the demand for an up and coming industry.

Feel confident with a strong group of experienced, dedicated team members who support you every day.

if you are ready to blaze a trail to a new career with a business model designed for growth, then join our team. We are looking for YOU.
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