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Pet waste disposal in an emerging industry in the home services market.

Setting ourselves apart in an emerging industry. The U.S. pet services industry is enormous and growing. Responsible businesses in this industry must promote pet wellness, provide easy-to-use services, and address consumer demand for convenience, especially as pet owners become more informed [2] . Every aspect of our pet waste disposal franchise is designed or the benefit of clients and their dog(s), for business owners and team members, and the broader community. 

Pet waste disposal cleans more than the yard. The facts are clear—not picking up after pets affects water quality. Yet, a significant number of people do not pick up after their pets. Several surveys indicate that 60%–70% of dog owners claim to clean up after their dogs most or all of the time, leaving 30%–40% of pet owners who rarely or never do [3]. With a Scoop Soldiers business, you can help make a positive impact in your local area and on the environment as a whole. 
When we were away for a week and left the dogs with a friend, the following week they serviced our friend's yard instead of ours (part of our thanks to our friend). This was all without extra fees or hassle.
Wiley K.
Round Rock, TX

As they do good deeds in their communities, Scoop Soldiers franchise owners can also take advantage of:

  • A protected territory in which to operate their business
  • The option for a home-based business
  • Established vendor partnerships
  • Multiple revenue streams: tiered service levels, clean-up and deodorizing services, gift cards, and more.
  • The commitment of our franchise team to continually develop and improve the business model 

Meeting industry standards.  Scoop Soldiers is a proud member of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS). The mission of APAWS is to increase the level of awareness in the animal waste industry, to raise the level of the public’s awareness of our profession, and to create added benefits for their members. Members of APAWS must meet their APAWS standard of excellence. 

What is as important to us as the pups we clean up after? Providing you tools and support that will help your pet waste disposal franchise thrive.

To learn more about our program and benefits, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us at 214.489.5568 or   

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