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When we launched our first unit, which would eventually become the model for the Scoop Soldiers dog poop removal franchise, we understood that we were filling a much-needed gap in the home services, as well as home landscaping, industries. We knew we were on to something when time after time, our clients expressed their appreciation for our treatment of their pets, their yards, their families and their pocketbooks.
At Scoop Soldiers, we understand that “dog poop happens” and people need to get rid of it, but often don’t have the time to do it right. We have spent nearly a decade perfecting our business model to serve clients – both residential and commercial — in a way that also creates better futures for franchise owners. 
Built on the Scoop Soldiers exceptional business model, our franchise program provides support and guidance every step of the way:
  • Business setup guidance – Everything you need to know from software programs to local marketing campaigns to start your business off on the right foot
  • Initial and ongoing training – Support functions including ongoing/refresher training; periodic field consulting visits that cover marketing, operations, finances, and more; plus remote support via phone/email when you need it.
  • Exclusive operations manual – The perfect handbook to run the business, including daily operating procedures, business management, suppliers, reporting, marketing & sales, quality control and other important business functions.
  • Technology tools – Approved accounting software platforms, customer login portal on website, user-friendly CRM systems, all designed to facilitate and streamline business operations. 
  • Professional marketing assistance – web, social and local PR help, including branded materials/templates, campaign guidance, and more.
Learn more about how our experienced management team can help you grow your Scoop Soldiers dog poop removal franchise. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us at 214.489.5568 or  
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