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                         Sheriff Hernandez, “Castor”, and his Handler


Scoop Soldiers is the premier residential pet waste removal company in the Southwest, serving seven markets and counting. As the company has grown, we’ve been looking for a way to contribute to the communities that we service in a more targeted and deliberate way. In 2017, through our work in the Austin community, it came to our attention that a Travis County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit patrol service dog would be retiring. This was somewhat unexpected and due to certain budget restraints, the position the dog filled would be left vacant and the overseeing police officer would have to be reassigned out of the K-9 Unit.

That’s when Scoop Soldiers decided to step in. As a small token of our gratitude to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and the valuable and selfless work these officers do in our community, Scoop Soldiers made a $10,000 donation specifically for the acquisition of a new patrol service dog. We felt this donation to the K-9 Unit would be a perfect fit for Scoop Soldiers. We are dog lovers, supporters of first responders and local law enforcement agencies, and we believe that the impact a dog can make while serving the community and protecting officers is a great one.

Our goal in making a donation to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office is that this will be the start of an ongoing giving campaign that can bring attention to the work these amazing K-9 Unit officers and dogs do within our communities.


Through our pet waste removal business in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix/Scottsdale, San Antonio and Tulsa, we have our ear to the ground on the needs of the community and have been working hard to build relationships with the local Sheriff’s Offices’ K-9 Units. When you give through the Scoop Soldiers giving page, we will ensure 100% of your donation goes to your selected K-9 Unit to help with everything from new patrol service dog acquisition, unexpected health care, supplies, equipment, and any other needs. Many times, tax dollars do not cover the full expenses of caring for these special animals and our local officers pay out of their own pockets. Our hope is that we can unite as a community to help with those expenses.

As a special thank you for donating, if you reside in our current service area, we invite you to contact us for one free pet waste removal service. Please call us at (877) 930-POOP or email to schedule your free service.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

No. Scoop Soldiers has created a page to collect donations and ensure 100% of the donations are made to the desired Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit. As we are a for-profit company volunteering our time and technology to create this giving mechanism, donations made through this page are not tax-deductible.

How are you able to donate 100% of the proceeds? What about transaction or administration fees?

As part of our commitment to supporting our local K-9 Units, Scoop Soldiers is absorbing all fees related to the administration and processing of your donation. We are volunteering our time and paying the PayPal transaction fees to ensure that every single penny that is donated is given to the desired K-9 Unit.

How often will donations be made to the K-9 Units?

Donations will be made quarterly, or on an as-needed basis when a specific need arises at a particular Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit. Our intent is to collect funds and make meaningful contributions to our local law enforcement agencies.

What impact will my donation make?

Simply put, most law enforcement agencies do not have sufficient funding for the purchase, training, supplies, equipment and specialty care of patrol service dogs. Your donations help ensure your local K-9 Unit is properly staffed, trained, and cared for, ensuring their best performance when protecting our community.

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