Clear Lake Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers wants to give a hand to all local pet owners with our Clear Lake TX pet waste removal. Let’s face it; there are some chores that come with dog ownership that you wish you could get rid of forever. Actually, probably just one: Picking up poop out in the yard.

For a minimal investment, you can put our Clear Lake pet waste removal services to work for you, sparing you the time, energy and disgust that comes with taking care of doo-doo duty on your own.

Ongoing service that you can rely on

Scheduling pet waste removal in Clear Lake TX is very easy. Scoop Soldiers offers a variety of frequency plans to help meet the needs brought on by:

  • Number of dogs: Our Clear Lake TX pet waste removal clients run the spectrum — some have just one dog while our commercial clients manage pet-friendly properties where many dogs roam free.
  • Size of property: Our Clear Lake pet waste removal services can also tackle plots of land both big and small.
  • Weeks or months of neglect: Our pet waste removal company in Clear Lake also offers one-time cleaning services. This is perfect if you have just inherited a plot of land or you are getting ready for a social gathering and want everything neat and tidy.

At the end of the day, there really is no job that we can’t handle. Our teams are trained to find and remove each and every mound of pet waste. We dispose of the waste offsite and use environmentally-friendly solutions to sanitize your property.

You get a fresh, clean property and don’t have to put in the work to achieve it. See how affordable our Clear Lake TX pet waste removal service is by contacting our staff and requesting a free quote.