Clear Lake Pooper Scooper Services

Scoop Soldiers offers the leading Clear Lake pooper scooper services and wants to help you take the work out of owning a pet. Just like you, we love dogs. We love them so much that we have built a business around serving fellow pet owners by doing their dirty work for them.

Our Clear Lake pooper scooper company offers both weekly and one-time service, where we come to your property to:

  • Find and remove every mound of pet waste
  • Dispose of the waste at an off-site location
  • Sanitize the lingering germs and bacteria
  • Take measures to deodorize the area

These thorough pooper scooper services in Clear Lake TX leave you with a property that looks good, smells great and is free of the hazards that come with rogue germs and bacteria.

Affordable Clear Lake pooper scooper services

Hiring a professional Clear Lake pooper scooper company to take care of the waste left behind by your dog might seem like an extravagant luxury, but it really is not. Just like you pay money for other useful services in your life, our pet waste removal service offers convenience at a minimal price.

We have affordable pricing for all of our service package options. If you have special needs for your property, then we welcome you to speak to the staff of our pooper scooper company in Clear Lake TX to get a free custom quote.

Don’t ignore the pet waste on your lawn

Some people think that dog poop acts as a natural fertilizer and will eventually dissolve on its own. It actually takes a really long time for dog poop to go away on its own and it also kills grass and leaves behind germs and bacteria.

You don’t have to worry, though — call in our Clear Lake pooper scooper services and get this important chore taken care of!