Friendswood TX Dog Poop Scoopers

At Scoop Soldiers, our Friendswood TX dog poop scoopers don’t just take aim at piles of pet waste — we do battle with the germs and bacteria that come along for the ride. Do you want dangerous bacteria on your property where pets and people can easily come across it?

Of course not — and with the help of our Friendswood TX dog poop removal service, you don’t have to let it happen. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and one-time cleaning services that allow you to keep up on this very important job without having to devote any of your time and energy to it.

The potential harms of pet waste

Our dog poop scoopers in Friendswood TX are incredibly thorough and diligent about cleaning up pet waste because we know of the potential hazards it can pose.

  • Pet waste is loaded with germs and bacteria, including e. Coli. This variety of germs and bacteria are harmful to both pets and people alike.
  • Feces is the top avenue in which diseases are spread from dog to dog. If you own a few dogs, or manage a property where many dogs are wandering around, this problem can only be compounded.
  • As much as we don’t like to think about it, dog feces does find its way into our homes. Whether the dog steps in a pile or we do, these dangerous germs can actually infiltrate your home.

It’s the job of our Friendswood TX dog poop scoopers to make sure that doesn’t happen. We pride ourselves on leaving no piles behind and we even use environmentally friendly techniques to sanitize your lawn to kill the residual germs and bacteria.

Our Friendswood TX dog poop removal service emphasizes sanitation. We sanitize our equipment and dispose of the waste offsite. We do all the little things to keep the health of you and your pets in mind.

Enlist the help of our Friendswood TX dog poop scoopers by contacting Scoop Soldiers at your earliest convenience.