Galena Park TX Pet Waste Removal

Did you know that Scoop Soldiers is the most environmentally friendly Galena Park TX pet waste removal option? Our technical experts have designed systems to protect the environment from the scourges associated with your dog’s poop. We help you and your family members “go green” by being more responsible with your pet waste and protecting local water sources.

If you are concerned about the environment, but you find yourself rushing here and there — unable to pick up after your pet — consider the assistance of our Galena Park pet waste service.

Why Galena Park TX pet waste removal helps our planet

You may not be aware that your dog’s poop is full of harmful bacteria that could damage water supplies and even affect the quality of your lawn.

  • Waste that is left outside unattended for too long can attract unpleasant pests, including infectious insects, rats and flies.
  • Not only are these vermin irritating — they also carry disease and threaten your health. Our Galena Park Pet Waste Service can prevent all of these negative effects by safely disposing of your dog’s waste.
  • Dog poop can leach into the ground and contaminate local water sources. Also, if put in the trash, it can lead to negative environmental effects as it piles up in a landfill.

Responsible pet waste removal in Galena Park TX involves complying with special regulations associated with dog waste disposal. Scoop Soldiers’ technicians are experts in environmental compliance, and we can assure you that your pet’s waste will be safely removed and treated after it leaves your yard.

Why run the risk of harming your local drinking water simply because you do not have time to pick up after your pet? Enlist the help of our Galena Park TX pet waste removal experts today, and let us join you in your endeavor to “go green.”