Galena Park TX Pet Waste Scooping

If you are still doing your own Galena Park TX pet waste scooping, stand at ease! The Scoop Soldiers are here to help! No more messy cleanup chores for you — imagine being able to spend that time with your family and friends, or even playing with your dog.

You treasure the time that you get to spend with your pet because he or she brings you comfort. Stop wasting your life picking up waste and enlist the help of our Galena Park dog poop removal business. You will be glad that you did.

What can a Galena Park TX pet waste scooping service do for me?

You may think that our Galena Park dog poop removal business only provides aesthetic services — after all, dog poop is unsightly and can smell unpleasant, no matter its size or shape.

The truth is that those two factors are relatively unimportant when you consider the other consequences of leaving dog waste strewn about your lawn. Our pet waste scooping in Galena Park TX can prevent:

  • Health problems for you and your dog, caused by fecal bacteria
  • Infestation of rodents and pests who are attracted to waste
  • Intrusion of bacteria and contaminants from waste into local water supplies
  • Fines from municipal code enforcers
  • Stool-eating by your pet
  • Scorched areas of your lawn caused by your dog’s acidic waste

The benefits of Galena Park TX pet waste scooping are wide-reaching. You deserve assistance in keeping your lawn tidy and neat. However, you may not believe that you can afford our services. Our plans start at just $9.99 per visit, a price that fits almost any budget. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or an ongoing weekly maintenance plan, we can help find the solution for you and your pup.