Highlands Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers is offering Highlands TX pet waste removal to residential and commercial clients. We have a dedicated staff of men and women who love dogs and take one of the most unwanted chores off the plates of dog owners throughout the area.

With our Highlands pet waste removal services, you can bid farewell to picking up the poop left behind by your dogs. These are welcomed words for so many pet owners because the process of removing pet waste from a property can be:

  • Time consuming: It can be tough to spot each and every mound of pet waste. You will be left pacing in the yard trying to get it all. Our pet waste removal company in Highlands puts in the time for you, making sure to leave no mound behind.
  • Physically straining: It’s called a chore for a reason. Hunching over and picking up dog waste for an hour or so can get tiring. With Highlands TX pet waste removal service by Scoop Soldiers, you can spare yourself the energy.
  • Digesting: Of course, the obvious reason that people avoid this work is because it is gross. Who really wants to handle germ-ridden dog poop all day long? Scoop Soldiers does the dirty work for you — safely removing and disposing of all pet waste so you don’t have to deal with it.

With pet waste removal in Highlands TX from Scoop Soldiers, you can schedule visits from our poop scoopers up to three times a week. This is ideal for large, commercial clients like vet clinics, kennels, dog parks and more.

Many of our clients are able to maintain clean properties with one visit a week. Others rely on our Highlands pet waste removal services for bi-weekly cleanings or even one-time cleanings.

We are here to meet your needs with our Highlands TX pet waste removal, and do so at a fair price. Check out all of your service options and ask us for a free estimate!