Houston Poop Scooping Service

For a Houston poop scooping service company with a history of excellence, deploy the Scoop Soldiers to your property. We are a trusted Houston scooping company that removes these harmful messes from your lawn or commercial property.

Scoop Soldiers was established in 2010 with one goal in mind — provide quality, affordable services that pet owners all over the area truly needed. When you are unable to pick up the waste left behind by your dog, your lawn is going to suffer.

Not only will the waste kill areas of your grass, but the germs and bacteria in dog poop can get both people and pets sick. With our poop scooping service company in Houston, you don’t have to give this potential problem a second thought.

Try our residential poop scooping in Houston TX

Our Houston poop scooping service company is great for busy homeowners that have much better things to do than shovel up dog poop from their yards. For a minimal fee, our crews can come to your home on a weekly basis to clean it completely.

Our service includes dog poop removal in addition to free haul away and disposal. We even have a method of eliminating that nasty smell that can linger behind.

Our Houston scooping company works with apartments, HOAs and more

We are also equipped to handle large-scale properties, like apartment complexes, dog parks, gated communities and more. If you represent one of these entities, we invite you to contact our team and tell us a little bit about your needs. We can provide you with a custom quote that will still beat any other price you can find!

Stop stomping through dog poop and start picking it up with our Houston poop scooping service company. Bring in the Scoop Soldiers to do your dirty work.