Houston Pooper Scooper Service

Work with a Houston pooper scooper that means business by teaming with Scoop Soldiers. We think that pet waste removal is serious business, and we take an uber professional approach to this important task.

Our pooper scooper service in Houston TX is one of the most thorough and well executed services available. When other companies or contractors oversimplify it as just picking up dog poop and throwing it away, they miss some crucial steps and your property will pay for it.

Our pooper scooper company goes the extra mile with a few of these valued services:

  • Off-site disposal: It’s pointless to move pet waste from your lawn to your trash bins. You will still have to deal with it that way. When you work with our team, your pooper scooper in Houston will store the waste and take it offsite for safe disposal.
  • Equipment sanitation: Have you ever seen a pooper scooper service drag out dirty equipment and start going to work? That means they are dragging germs and bacteria from a previous job on to your property. As a trusted Houston pooper scooper, we sanitize all of our equipment before we head to a new job.
  • Property sanitation and deodorization: Even after pet waste is removed, germs, bacteria and even a foul smell can be left behind. You need a pooper scooper service in Houston TX that addresses this. With Scoop Soldiers, we use environmentally friendly solutions to take care of these problems.

As you can see, Scoop Soldiers offers a very thorough service that gets the intended results each time out. You can easily schedule weekly, bi-weekly or one-time service — whatever fulfills your specific needs.

We encourage you to at least get a hold of a member of our Houston pooper scooper staff to see what this amazing service will cost you. Here’s a spoiler: you’re going to be shocked at the affordability. Just check it out!