Houston TX Pooper Scooper

Maintain a clean and sanitary property with the help of Scoop Soldiers and our Houston TX pooper scooper service. Our team keeps sanitation and cleanliness at the center of everything we do. We know that pet waste carries tons of germs and bacteria, and we want to eliminate it from your property.

Both residential and commercial clients have come to value our Houston safe dog poop clean up. With our help, they are able to maintain a property that is safe for pets, humans and even the environment. This all comes at one, easy-to-manage price tag.

Don’t welcome germs and bacteria to your property

It doesn’t matter if it is your own lawn or a large, sprawling dog park, keeping your property free from hazards is a must. Pet waste, while it might not be perceived as a life-threatening hazard, is most certainly a concern.

Pet waste has all different types of germs and bacteria, including E. coli. Our Houston TX pooper scooper service removes each pile of pet waste from your property and also sanitizes the area to eliminate these germs and bacteria.

Not treating your property for this problem means that your friends, family, loved ones, customers or even pets can come into contact with these germs and bacteria, putting their health at risk.

Weekly and bi-weekly Houston safe dog poop clean up

Scoop Soldiers specializes in a thorough form of pooper scooper service in Houston TX. No job is complete until we have completely cleaned up and sanitized every inch of your property.

It’s this sort of attention to detail that has made us the premier Houston TX pooper scooper service. Take advantage of this special care for your lawn or property. Give our team a call right now to learn more.